Our Story

Started by two Gold Coast sisters. Through our time of grief, we sort out different methods of support and acceptance. We came across an article that was about amethyst and its abilities for support through grief. We found so much solace from these crystals, we wanted to help and bestow upon others with our new-found insight and vision. 
Mum was 55 when she passed away from cancer, we wanted to incorporate her as much as possible.
So this is for Linda, the most supportive, loving and devoted Mother. Without her love and guidance throughout our lives, none of us would be here today. This business is a thank you to her, for always being so encouraging of every adventure we have embarked on throughout our lives. Hopefully, she is proud of what we have achieved. We miss you more and more every day, Mum. 
Mum passed away at home surrounded by her family on the 17th of May 2018 a week after my wedding.
Proceeds are donated to Cancer Research in memory of Linda.